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ScanLabel A/S manufactures labels in rolls and sheets.

You can read more about Scanlabel A/S below or watch the introductory video to the right. It will give you a nice view into our offices and the production floor.

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We do, what we do best

– which is being your preferred label manufacturing partner. At ScanLabel A/S we deliver labels in the highest quality possible at reasonable prices, with quick delivery and with exceptional customer service and consulting.


At ScanLabel A/S our mission is to continue the legacy of Gutenberg and the obligations and responsibility we have for the labelling processes that we use within the industry. This legacy is continued in a balance with the technological development and modern considerations for the environment which are pivotal factors within the labelling industry.


ScanLabel A/S’ vision is to become our customers’ preferred labelling partner for digital and conventional/physical printing label projects. We want to provide our customers with high quality solutions in our local areas as well as internationally, notably Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany. We wish to use our knowledge to benefit our customers and tackle challenges our customers may be confronted with.

Our History

ScanLabel was founded by Claus Bach in 1994. What started as a small business in a residence in the danish town of Horsens soon grew into a large 3500 m2 factory with 12 employees. In 2018 ScanLabel was rebranded ScanLabel A/S, and today you will find us on Saturnvej 47 in Horsens.

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Our Values

As a business, ScanLabel is built on a strong foundation of values. Our values are aptly named “FACT”:
(F)lexibility, (A)mbitious, (C)ompetent, (T)rustworthy

Our motto is: if we fail the customer – we fail ourselves.

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Why choose ScanLabel A/S

  • We take pride in complying with the agreements we make with our customers.

  • We always fulfill deadlines and delivery schedules in order for your production proces not to be obstructed or disrupted due to label shortages.

  • We value honest and direct communication with our customers, so you will always be able to ask for advice, so that we may provide the best solutions.

  • We love to visit our customers and gain insight into their business and products. This helps us tailor the optimal solution for your labelling needs.

  • If you need labels quickly we can usually prioritize and deliver quality labels within a short time frame. Please contact us immediately for more information.

Collaborating with ScanLabel A/S

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