Terms and conditions

1. Payment

When we have produced and delivered your order, you will receive an invoice for payment.

Bank: Middelfart Sparekasse, Reg.nr.: 1685, Konto: 3230502489, IBAN: DK1516853230502489, BIC-kode: MISPDK21.

In the case you are ordering for governmental institution, you will receive an EAN-invoice.

2. Shipping

Smaller deliveries are mailed with GLS directly to you. Larger deliveries are shipped on pallets with Danske Fragtmænd.

We ship to Denmark, the Nordic region, and Europe. Delivery time may vary. We recommend you compare your received order with the attached delivery note.

3. Use of Labels

We recommend you test your newly received labels multiple times on your products before large scale usage, as even minor differences in surface textures can have different effects on the adhesive qualities of the labels.

Furthermore, if your delivered labels have print on them we also recommend you test a few of them by rubbing to make sure the content does not smear. If this does happen, UV-coating might be advisable.

(UV-coating is applied during production.)

4. Label Storage

The labels should be stored in a dry location at room temperature (not below 10 degrees celsius). Preferably store them in a dark location, for instance the box they were delivered in, and do not expose them to sunlight.

5. Return Policy

If the labels you have received are defective or do not meet the agreed-upon requirements, please contact ScanLabel A/S immediately. If the mistake is ours, we will make sure to reclaim the defective order and deliver a new one that does match the requirements.

6. Warranty

All our products have a 12-month warranty. However, labels with self-gluing properties can in some instances have a natural durability of less than 12 months. This means you can either have your product repaired, exchanged, refunded, or reduced in price depending on the given situation.

One requirement is, of course, that the warranty applies and the fault in the product is not a result of misappropriated use of the product. Visible defects should be reported to ScanLabel A/S as soon as possible after delivery or at the latest the day after. Non-visible defects, however, should be reported to ScanLabel A/S a maximum of 5 working days after delivery.

In regards to tailor-made products (products that have been made according to special requirements from the customer or in other ways may be unique in its design) are void of any warranty in relation to mistakes that should have been caught by the customer themselves. If ScanLabel A/S is to blame, the mistake will be corrected; however, it is not possible to cancel that order.

When Should you Inform Us?

You must inform ScanLabel A/S as soon as possible once a defect has been noticed.

We refund any reasonable shipping costs. If the warranty applies, we will of course also refund your (reasonable) shipping costs. The products are to be returned to: Scanlabel A/S, Sandøvej 16, 8700 Horsens, Denmark.

We Need the Following Information When You Return the Product:

We ask that you explain what the issue is in as much detail as possible. Pay heed: We do not receive returns as cash on delivery. Remember to return the product in responsible packaging as well as to save the receipt. We use this when we reimburse you for the shipping costs.

ScanLabel A/S’s liability and reimbursement requirements, whether due to defects or delayed delivered, may never exceed the original invoice price.

Responsibility of Product-Induced Harm

ScanLabel A/S is only liable for personal harm if it can be proven that the harm caused is due to a mistake or neglect performed by ScanLabel A/S or others that said supplier is in charge of.

Liability for harm to property caused by the product goes accordingly by NL 92 § 36: The customer should keep the supplier free from harm in so far as the supplier is made responsible for third party for any harm or loss that the supplier (according to points a and b below) is not responsible for in regards to the customer.

The supplier is not responsible for harm caused by the product on:

  1. Property and movables that occur while the product is in the possession of the customer
  2. Products that are produced by the customer, nor on products whereof these are part, nor on property and moveable that these products that follow the product cause

In no case is ScanLabel A/S responsible for losses, time-wise or financial. The above-mentioned limitations to the supplier’s responsibility do not apply if said supplier has made themselves guilty of gross negligence.

If third party makes a claim against one of the parties regarding liability or compensation according to this stipulation, this party must immediately inform the other party.

ScanLabel A/S and the customer are mutually bound to being prosecuted at the court of law or arbitration, which handles the given case of reported liability or compensation.

7. Right of Withdrawal (for Businesses)

You are permitted to cancel any given order up to the point and day of production, unless we have acquired special material for said order. In the case that said special material has been ordered, cancelling the order will only be possible if it is also possible to cancel the order of the special material. If materials or other services have been used (for printing or otherwise), those costs must be covered by you, in case the ordered is cancelled.

8. Jurisdiction

Lawsuits that fall outside of the bounds of the cases mentioned in point 6 must be brought to the court in the place the supplier’s business is done.

Consumers: Disputes between ScanLabel A/S and consumers are resolved according to the rules om consumer protection in Retsplejeloven. Danish courts are applied for any disputes.

9. Privacy Policy

What do we do with your personal information?

In order for you do be able to make an order at ScanLabel A/S, we need the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address

The purpose of registering your personal information is to be able to deliver the products to you. If you do not wish to share the above-mentioned data, we can regrettably not process your order.

The director as well as employees of ScanLabel A/S have access to the information, you register.

Claus Bach is responsible for data at ScanLabel A/S.

We do not encrypt our stored and transmitted customer information.

Information provided to ScanLabel A/S is not passed on or sold in any way to third parties, and we do not register any personally sensitive information.

If you, on our website, have agreed to our use of the above-mentioned information, we will then use your e-mail address to send you newsletters. You’re free to cancel this subscription at any time. All newsletters contain a link for this purpose. You also have the rights to withdraw your acceptance.

Your Rights:

As the one registered, you have certain rights that we will always strive to abide by. You have the right to request of us:

  • Access to and adjustments of your personal data
  • Removal of personal data

In addition to this, you also have the right to protest our treatment of your personal data, and you have the rights to file a complaint to the data protection agency.

Do you no longer wish for us to store your data, or do you wish to limit our use of your personal data, you’re able to do this by sending us an e-mail to scanlabel@scanlabel.dk.

11. Cookies

Cookies are used at ScanLabel A/S with the purpose of optimizing our website and its features, and thereby improving the user experience as much as possible. You are able to delete cookies from your computer at any time, depending on your browser, but we can in that case not guarantee the full functioning of our website.

You can read more about our cookie policy here.

12. Log Statistics

We use a log-statistics at ScanLabel A/S, which means that a statistician program collects data via Google Analytics. This provides us with a statistical image of how many visitors our website has, from where they originate, and where they exit the website, etc. However, we cannot see any personal information in this statistical data.

The log-statistics are only used to optimize ScanLabel A/S.