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We have a lot of experience producing labels for florists and wine companies and merchants. We have our own label production plant in Denmark, allowing us to produce labels exactly to your specifications.

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Labels for florists and wine companies

If you are looking for labels in the best quality that also gives your customers a lasting impression, and which can complement and enhance the quality of your products, then you should consider ScanLabel as your business partner. In addition to making the best labels on the market, we can also offer professional consulting about your choice of labels, so you are guaranteed an optimal result, that will live up to all your expectations.

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Unleash your imagination and design unique labels

At ScanLabel, we produce your dream labels tailored to your industry. We understand that there are special requirements for flower and wine retailers, as the labels must complement the products’ overall impression, where it must give a feeling of quality and exclusivity. Our solution is to produce labels with your unique design with beautiful vibrant colors, so you can achieve the exact impression you are looking for.

We do not expect you to be a label expert, so we always offer to help you select the right labels for the job. Moreover, we can also help you with your label design, if you need help perfecting the look and feel of your labels. If you want to know more about how we can safely guide you through the entire label process, do not hesitate to contact our friendly and experienced staff who will gladly answer all of your questions.