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At ScanLabel, we work with companies in many different types of industries, as we can tailor your solution to your specific needs. Read more about the possibility for a collaboration on this page.

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Labeling of products in the food and fishing industry

Do you need a business partner who can meet your wishes for professional labeling of products? At ScanLabel, we have a versatile production apparatus, which enables us to offer our partners professional and tailor-made solutions at competitive prices. We handle large deliveries and meet the need for fast execution and delivery times.

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Companies that we have worked with in the past:

Custom solutions in the best quality available

The range of labels in the food and fishing industries include content declarations, bar code labels, logo labels and freight labels. In addition to streamlining work processes and saving valuable time, our products help to streamline and differentiate the individual company’s visual identity with unique labels and tags.

You can choose between different materials, shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can give your products the exact design and style you are looking for. The versatility places great demand on quality when the labels are used in the food and fishing industry, as they must be able to withstand being exposed to different temperatures and levels of humidity. Our products are quality-assured and durable, which makes them ideal for use in the food and fishing industry. If you are interested in learning more, you are very welcome to contact us so that we can help you find the right solution.