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At ScanLabel, we produce labels for the retail and wholesale industries. Read more about how we can help your retail and wholesale business below.

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Retail and wholesale labels

Are you looking for a business partner who can deliver in terms of both quality and fast execution of product labels? We work with many companies in the retail and wholesale trading industry, and we have a great understanding of the requirements of labels in your industry. We use our extensive experience to produce labels that have all the necessary qualities to be top-tier labels within the industry.

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Professional and experienced consulting

As a company within the retail and wholesale industry, you will most likely experience a continuous need to order labels for your products. This includes price tags, return address labels and logo labels, which are indispensable for companies in this industry if one wants a professional product presentation and streamlined customer journey.

In addition to having a nice visual design, the labels must also be durable, so that they do not break, tear, or fade easily when exposed to different environments. These attributes all depends on the type of product, the labels will be used with, and this is something we will help you define, so that you get labels with the right durability for the job.

At ScanLabel, we offer professional and personal consulting, so you can get the right labels that meet your needs. We help you select the right material and design within your budget range. Since the production takes place at our own factory in Horsens, Denmark, we have our own quality assurance process, that makes sure that the labels are made to spec, and we are able to tailor the delivery times to your immediate needs.