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At ScanLabel, we work with companies in many different types of industries, as we can tailor your solution to your specific needs. Read more about the possibility for a collaboration on this page.

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Labels for transportation and moving companies

We offer moving labels and freight labels in the best quality possible, so if you want a professional, high quality label supplier, you are very welcome to contact us. We can handle large deliveries and meet the need for fast execution and delivery time at competitive price points.

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Do you want to experience the label quality yourself before ordering? We offer a free sample product, so you can evaluate our labels before ordering.

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Custom solutions in the best quality available

Labels are especially useful in connection with the transportation and moving industry, as labels allow you to organize goods, increasing precision and ease delivery. If your company ships a lot of packages, we can also help by providing you with freight labels in all the popular formats and sizes that are used by all the major freight companies.

If you are looking for custom freight labels, we can also help by producing labels according to your needs and specifications. By using our labels, you can save time, improve work procedures, and improve your company image by using your own label designs. We offer advice throughout the process to all of our clients, helping you get the right solution that meets your needs.