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Plain Labels

Plain labels from ScanLabel A/S offer you more flexibility in terms of both color and size.

Plain Labels

Plain labels from ScanLabel A/S offer you more flexibility in terms of both color and size.

Sturdy, Multi-Purpose Labels

Plain labels are the perfect choice if you and your employees need different kinds of labels and stickers for a variety of tasks during a standard workday. Our plain labels are excellent for anything from batch numbers, expiration dates, and content descriptions to bar- and QR-codes.

We take great care in making sure that our selection of plain labels in rolls are as easy and quick as possible to print out after application of content. This affords you and your staff the most flexibility during work while at the same time speeding up the labeling process of any project.

Unique properties of plain labels

In our assortment of plain labels, we always ensure that they can be used efficiently for a wide variety of labeling purposes.

  • Multi-purpose and multi-material

  • Delivered in rolls made for your printers

  • Variable sizes

  • Order a specific number and avoid over-production

  • Fast manufacture and delivery

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Print Labels Quickly and Easily

Our plain labels and stickers are easy to print on your own large- or multi-function printer. This means you and your employees are always in control of both the number and look of the labels. Moreover, this also drastically reduces the need for extra planning in terms of pre-ordering specially made labels and stickers externally.

Plain labels from ScanLabel A/S don’t simply give you more control over any and all labeling tasks; they also save you both time and money — and cut down on administrative tasks. Furthermore, with the added level of control they provide, you and your employees also have the option of adjusting and optimizing content on the fly.

And last but not least, by being able to order a specific amount, you also help us and the world by cutting down on unnecessary waste of material.

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